The Effects of Thermal Growth on Machinery

Thermal growth is the expansion of the machine due to heat. When thermal growth is not taken into account it can result in high vibration and excessive power consumption. All machinery generates heat, thus causing changes in alignment. The question is not whether or not this is happening to your …Read More »Industrial Production Metrology Experts

There are many different types of precision equipment across the thousands of industrial plants throughout the United States. Whether your equipment is a rotary or machine tool it must be aligned properly in order to provide quality product. Quality control starts with laser precision alignment. …Read More »The Best Laser Tracker Training Solution

Have you recently purchased a laser tracker or hired a new tech to run your laser tracker? We’ve got the best solution to help you get the most from both your equipment and your personnel. Schaeffer Precision Alignment is a service company specializing in laser tracker technology. Our services h …Read More »Renting Laser Tracker vs Hiring Laser Tracker Professionals

Considering renting a laser tracker to help you complete a project that requires precision measurements? Read this blog first before you make any decisions about renting or hiring. Cost The cost of renting a laser tracker can be in the thousands of dollars per day. The laser tracker itself is ve …Read More »Save Time During Scheduled Turbine Upgrades

With rising demands in energy many electric plants are tasked with upgrades to replace old equipment with newer, more efficient technology. Whether you are planning on replacing gas, steam, or hydro turbines we’ve got a process that can help trim your turbine upgrades. Using Schaeffer Precision …Read More »How To Improve Turbine Efficiencies

Leave the piano wire at home, we’ve got the solution to improving the efficiency of your steam, gas, and hydro powered turbine. With today’s technology Schaeffer Precision Alignment has the ability to improve the performance of turbines in many ways. Let’s take a look at the long list of benefit …Read More »How Laser Trackers Work

Here at Schaeffer Precision part of our every day tool is the laser tracker. We use it for a wide variety of applications across just about any industry. It is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. We’ve been using laser trackers for many years and seen how the precision and accuracy of the …Read More »3 Advantages of Real-Time Measurements

The measurement process is only a means to an end, the real work happens when the machinery is actually adjusted based on the results of the measurement. In today’s blog we discuss the advantages of using real-time measurement technology to monitor the adjustment process as it happens! Faster Ad …Read More »5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Schaeffer Precision Alignment

Typically we reserve this blog for a discussion about how our services can improve the equipment and machinery of our clients. However, in today’s blog we are taking steps to be more transparent about who we are and the purpose behind Schaeffer Precision Alignment (SPA). The following list gives …Read More »Questions To Ask Your Metrology Alignment Consultant

We offer a free consultation with one of our metrology alignment consultants, which is often very helpful for our clients. It helps them to understand exactly the services that we provide as well as helping us understand how we can best help the client. In today’s blog we will discuss some impor …Read More »Precision Alignment in Plain English

Let’s drop all the marketing and technical lingo and review “precision alignment” and what this ambiguous service actually provides for our clients. This is precision alignment in plain English. What Needs Precision Alignment? Precision alignment is required for large machines that perform some …Read More »Industrial Alignment Inspection Service Company

Looking for a real solution to save money while improving your equipment’s performance? We’ve got the solution. We have proven, tested, and perfected our alignment inspection process across the nation and the world. We can say for certain that nobody else is able to provide the same detailed rep …Read More »4 Applications of Laser Tracking Services

Laser Trackers are incredibly versatile. They can be used in a wide range of projects from large equipment installations to small widget reverse engineering jobs. Alignment Existing equipment can become worn and misaligned through everyday use. Laser tracking services can provide a diagnosis of …Read More »7 Questions To Ask Your Metrology Service Company

There are a lot of metrology and alignment service companies throughout the United States. Each company has a unique spin on how they say they can provide a premium service, but how do you really know if they are qualified? In today’s blog we list seven questions you should ask your metrology se …Read More »Laser Tracker Alignment Services Outside the USA

Recently a team of our alignment professionals were outside the USA providing alignment services for an industrial company in Panama. This is not the first time we have provided alignment services outside the continental United States and it certainly won’t be the last. In today’s blog we will d …Read More »Prepare Your Turbine Generators For Summer

Right now it is cold outside, but in just a few months the warm weather will be on its way and we’ll be changing our air conditions over from heat to cool. When that happens the amount of energy consumption can be very demanding. In today’s blog we talk about just how much energy demand can chan …Read More »Onsite Metrology Services

When your equipment or machinery is not working properly you can’t wait for a return phone call from an offsite tech to answer your pressing questions. In today’s blog post we discuss three reasons why it is important to get your alignment issues resolved from an onsite technician rather than se …Read More »The Secret To Effective Processes & Superior Products

Each new advancement in technology brings smaller, more advanced parts that accomplish more with less. It would be a mystery as to how something like this could be accomplished if one did not understand the role of industrial metrology in today’s manufacturing process. Let’s take a brief look at …Read More »Three Different Types of Metrology

Metrology, while often confused with the science of measuring weather (meteorology), is a very widely used field. In this blog we often discuss one form of metrology, but there are actually three major types of metrology used in today’s world. Let’s take a look at the three different types of me …Read More »Coordinate Metrology of Prototype Aircraft, AgustaWestland AW609

The AgustaWestland AW609 is a twin engined tiltrotor aircraft designed for the civil aviation market. It is currently still a prototype being tested for release. In the summer of 2013 Schaeffer Precision Alignment was hired to provide metrology services for the AW609 in Arlington, Texas. Using t …Read More »The Laser Tracker — True Accuracy For Any Job

We are a laser tracker service company. That means we use the laser tracker to provide alignment and measurement data for our clients. The need for laser tracker services has risen exponentially in recent years and in today’s blog we will discuss four reasons why the laser tracker can work in ju …Read More »Laser Tracker Service in Texas

Schaeffer Precision Alignment is proud to have its headquarters in Texas since 1989. While we offer laser tracker service throughout the nation, we have many clients in the great state of Texas. In today’s blog we will discuss the types of laser tracker services we offer directly from our headqu …Read More »Advantages of the Laser Tracker

The technology available today makes precision possible even outside of a control lab. The laser tracker has many advantages over the traditional methods of metrology. Versatile MountThe laser tracker can be mounted sideways, upside down, or directly on the part being measured. This gives the Sm …Read More »How To Inspect Challenging Components

Industrial components must be measured and aligned properly in order for the machinery to work effectively. However, some components can be difficult to measure simply because of their physical design. In today’s blog post we talk about how we are uniquely qualified to inspect even the most chal …Read More »What Is Industrial Misalignment?

Misalignment is never a simple problem. There are often a wide array of issues that lead to misalignment. Use the following short list of symptoms to isolate any issues that you might be having with your industrial equipment. Be sure and review our list of the benefits of industrial alignment. S …Read More »Causes of Machine Vibration

Machinery vibration leads to shortened machinery life, poor product outputs, and eventually emergency shutdowns. To avoid unscheduled product production watch for these four causes of machine vibration. Imbalance – In the case of rotating equipment, the axis (or shaft) must be equally balanced. …Read More »Plant Shutdowns and Outages – Best Practices

As winter reaches its climax around the nation, plants around are either experiencing a peak in their seasonal highs or looking to the upcoming seasons of 2013. Whether the winter or summer are peak times in your industry you know that scheduled shutdowns and outages are critical to preparing fo …Read More »Coordinate Measuring Machine: Stationary and Portable Solutions

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) are known to be large fixtures that often take up a large amount of space and are not able to be moved from one location to another. In fact, once a CMM is in place they never move from their resting place ever again. The reason a CMM never moves is because it …Read More »A Service Company on the Move

Since 1989 Schaeffer Precision Alignment has been providing alignment services for companies all over the United States. While our professional and high standards are a big part of why our clients continue to call us year after year, many companies enjoy the convenience of having a precision ali …Read More »Laser Tracker Alignment Services

The words “Laser Tracker” don’t do much to help many people understand our dimensional metrology services, so for this blog post we are going to help you better understand how we can achieve some precision even when we are not working in a laboratory or even a controlled environment. Control Poi …Read More »Welcome to the Precision Alignment Blog

Welcome to the new Schaeffer Precision Alignment blog. This blog is dedicated to discussing industrial alignment techniques and methods as well as news in the science of metrology. Metrology (me·trol·o·gy) is the scientific study of measurement. Metrologists perform metrology work involving prec …