About AHP

Addington Hyper-Precision Inc. was started by William Travis Addington in 2016 because of the obvious demand for computer aided precision alignment in today’s industry.  With 5 years of experience in the alignments business and engineering staff we can help you correct any problems you have.

With AHP your alignment crew will always consist of at least one degree holding graduate engineer who helps you problem solve using precision measurement equipment and an assistant.

AHP uses the latest in technology with the FARO Vantagee laser tracker which boasts an accuracy of .0006″ or .015mm.  The laser tracker system is also unparalleled in its precision or repeat-ability. Metrology has not been the same since the introduction of the laser tracker.

This precision is one of the main advantages it has over the traditional optical alignment system.  The precision and accuracy of the optical system depends greatly on the mindset, fatigue, and positioning of the person reading the scales.  That error is eliminated with the laser tracker system.